We first established our olive grove at Paringa Ridge in Red Hill aiming to produce the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the land.

An ambitious goal indeed! We enlisted the help of our extended family to plant our first trees in 2003. Even Julian’s mother – Leontyna – aged 89 helped us.

A mix of climate, science, abundant passion and constant nurturing has resulted in trees that have flourished and produce copious olives. Only the best and most flavoursome are selected for Leontyna Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Leontyna oil is high in flavour, with complex notes of green tomato, apple and citrus. It adds another dimension to almost any dish you may wish to create. Or better yet, just dip some quality bread in Leontyna Oil for unadulterated enjoyment.

At Leontyna, we offer the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At our olive groves, we have planted olive trees and carry out sustainable agriculture with constant nurturing to come up with the most succulent and flavoursome olives. We exclusively pick fresh olives and crush them within 10 hours using the cold pressed method to derive premium extra virgin olive oil.

Our olive oil is high in flavour that comes with complex notes of green apple, cinnamon, vanilla, herbs and spices with some green tomato and a chilli finish which makes it highly demanded by the connoisseur to add a delicious and unique flavour to cuisine. We present our award winning Leontyna Black Label Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These Australian olive oils are now cherished across the globe for its numerous health benefits and delicious taste and superb quality.